i know i can’t fit you

in a glass

but boy,

i try

i spend the days measuring you

hanging on your tongue

inhaling your tone

you’re a language

i remember from

another life

you speak to something

lost in me

something I alone

couldn’t find

i drink you slowly

i take you in

like time

my pulse quickens

but my mind softens

underneath you

under you

you are the minute

before sunset

when the day glows

just so

and pink covers

the blinding blueness

that I’ve known

– sheila c

for you 

how can i pray 

for you? 

I’m a quiet athiest 

but i want peace 

for you. 

i read all 114 surahs 

a labor of love, 

for you. 

I hoped to understand 

the way you loved 

and experienced loss. 


I grew wise 

for you.

i changed the season 

for you.

my branches 

became bare 

my white bulbs 

began to weep 

petals on the ground,

for you.

I became reborn,

for you.

I was dust 

and cloud 

and light 

and eternal 

and I did not 

know myself 

as I am,


for you. 

– Sheila C.