wednesday songs

I can hear the city bellowing outside

and Wednesday is groaning out

a lingering goodbye

I am watching your breath rise,

grateful for the air in your lungs

they sing the sun to me

they sing

and there is no longing here

not now, in this calm

there is only the bliss

etched on your skin;

permeating my own

and the sinking feeling disappearing somewhere within

I pour my hopes into a


I let it sit

and learn time does stop

after all

– sheila c.


I dreamt that the gods picked me out of bed

and shook me violently

they had grown tired of my struggle

and breathed bravery into my lungs

i was not born ready for this

but something has changed

it was desire that made me weak

so I will take those parts you claimed

and build a new fire

a new flame to consume the old

and burn the blame

– Sheila C.



live long

that little dog you liked
won the Westminster Abbey
and the Cardassians are fighting
with that girl Amber
we went to High-school with..
I think she made a porn tape.
she might’ve fucked the the last one
right on this marble counter.
I know I did.
I broke a damn nail
digging into the stone.
phewww BUT the fruits of our labor!
though when I tap now it’s uneven.
you know, tap, tap, thunk, tap
a lack of symmetry in sound waves
is almost as bad
as this sludge in our lungs.
it’s all the smoke you know
we practically blow it out
of every orifice.
I mean, do hear the muffled guffaws?
man, cause my eardrums are swelling.
soon we’ll all clock into
work via facebook.
can you imagine?

– SC