after the park ritual in berlin 

I know the sun is coming for us 
I saw it try to mellow out 
over the horizon 
when we prodded at him
in a daze 

remember herren means boy 
and dammen means girl 
that is my only advice 
while I lay under your tiny 
trying to recollect-
piece together a-
whatever this is 
when love and loss 
merge into some sort of 
coughing motion 
like expelling 
but inhaling 
im not sure 
I am sure but
if I could give you one gift 
I think it would be 
the power of always 
I don’t think you are weak 
please never think
you are weak 
I think you are pure 
like the last row of curtains 
over a stage 
or perhaps a low key 
moon phase 
washing over 
a tide, 
I’m not certain.. 

– sheila cordova 
for Naya, you know why and when. 


come on then 

this is pretty heavy 

[decime vos 

porqué la luz 

se cae

y yo con ella]

I had 3 cigarette burns

that formed an archipelago 

when you hovered above me 

there isn’t much 

I wouldn’t do 

to taste the salted ocean 

on your smirk 

I think 

I would become the earth herself 

and grow like rolling hills 

beneath your feet 

and if you’d like 

I’ll grow an oak 

where you can sit 

and soak up 

the sun 

I’ll keep the weather 


so you can keep 

the windows open

and let my soft wind 

seep in. 

– sheila c