grand romances 

I don’t know about grand romances 

you know like sunset scenes in movies from 1995 

big haired shadows and slow bearing kisses 

like you knew they’d end up together, right? 

I don’t know about dudes who bring you flowers on bended knees 

because they may or may not have fucked your friends friend

you asked “how could you?”

he said  “right now, that’s not important”

face bursting through a red bouquet 

I don’t know about eternal love 

but at night when the heat 

fills my densest bone

he turns on every fan in the house

he brings water and gently pours it down my throat

he ices down my neck 

he says “honey, it’s alright.. it’s alright. 

he clutches my hands 

“is that okay? is that better?” 

and I lie. 

I don’t know about grand romances 

but every night 

he says he’d trade his healthy body for mine

-sheila c. 

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