in memoriam

in the morning 

I open the window 

just a crack 

so the sun slips in 

over my coffee 

I sip it slow 

and feel the heat

fill all holes 

inside me 

this isn’t what I imagined. 

the phone vibrating 

on my thigh 

red lipstick in stacks 

next to clumps of 


and bile 

all the fair weather 


a temporary blue gift 

something for someone 


I dreamt of the grand canyon 

last night 

and I cried into it 

I was restless and in awe

it was flat 

like Thales’ earth 

i won’t ever know it

I thought 

it’s an odd feeling 

when “in memoriam”

becomes delayed 

almost like 


in the sunlight 

sipping coffee 


this is the canyon 

I think..

either that

or peace at the 


– sheila cordova

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