divine feminine 

my mother says I sit like a man

at some point after living reckless 

and breastless 

early on, 

my bones started to shift 

and fat started to amass 

in strange places 



I wasn’t allowed to use the phone past 7 PM

or climb trees in dresses 

I started wearing loose fitting


made embarrassed by protruding edges 


and when my pelvis finally burst 

and bloodied all my sheets 

I cried 

unable to comprehend 

this so called gift 

of divine feminity


I have a friend who is afraid she is a slut 

and I think we’re all afraid that we’re sluts 

you can be a slut from such an early age 

first blood 

first kiss 

first base 

first boyfriend 

first one night stand 


only judgement makes a slut 

so I’ve traded off some things 

I’ve let go of some others 

I speak loudly 

and my ex boyfriends 

call me abrasive 

I laugh and drink 

and dance 

and say fuck it all 

when the occasion calls for it 

I don’t stunt myself for 

the pleasure of egos 

I tell my mother 

I sit like a woman 

spread out 

and open 

I sit like I am.

a contender

not a token. 

– sheila c. 

31 thoughts on “divine feminine 

  1. I do believe that this may be the most powerful poem of yours that I have read, although so many are so good. I feel the power of the form, of the image, of the message, of the diction, of the attack, of the reconciliation, of the rare rhyme used so well it feels natural not contorted. Your gift is a gift to us.

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