the years

have been cruel.

the gods

have been cruel.

i know you rest

but memory

does not.

i see you still

white knuckles


white cells


on the

white floor


smooth hair

like you’d 

just been born.



the irony is cruel.


-sheila c.

*I wrote this poem for my cousin, Alicia.. who died at 25 from cervical cancer. She was a beautiful woman, until the second her heart stopped beating and her soul transcended this Earth.. Please remember to get screened regularly for cervical & breast cancer. Be kind to yourself and be kind to those you love. We are not permanent.*







13 thoughts on “Alicia

  1. This is beautiful; in a triggering and somewhat saddening way. I am sorry if this not the right place and time to say this, but your capacity of talking to other’s hearts with few words is immense. Thank you for sharing your work with us. May Alicia rest in peace.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jehona. Alicia passed away many years ago but only last night I was able to muster the words for her.. I appreciate your kindness and condolences. 💙


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