there’s a silhouette 

of an error 

that haunts me 

while I’m meant to sleep. 

he leers through 

the doorway 

and wordlessly 


it doesn’t matter 

what i do 

or what i say

what was done 

is done.

he looks on 


and often nods,

crossing his legs 

and sitting where 

light can’t 


he watches 

as my body sinks 

and evaporates, 


– Sheila C. 

8 thoughts on “silhouette 

  1. The haunting of a relationship — an error — around the edges of your life. Very evocotive and visual, as usual. I struggled with the original ending, but see you did too. A nice change that is clearer. Anyone — and that’s pretty much everyone — who has been through a break-up, whether or not a mistake (and which is it — the relationship or the break-up?), has gone through this. You are honing your skills. Nicely done. — S

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    1. Haha Skip, thank you! Yeah I’m still struggling with it. I’ll probably change 4 or 5 more times until I’m happy. I know what I’m trying to say but I haven’t been to say it in the rhythm I’d like.


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