but I am not a river 

were i 

a river 

i would rage

night & day

with violence 

i would seek you

an open ocean

the freedom

to spill over

jagged pillows

to join you

in sleep 

at your bay

– Sheila C. 

14 thoughts on “but I am not a river 

  1. Bayp? Reading through your poems after letting them collect for a while. You are gifted. Everything I read has at least two levels of implication, with a sultry and moody aire that is sensual as well as filled with various emotion — rage, fury, intensity. Like the dichotemy of love/hate.

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    1. Haha thank you.. I fancy myself a dichotomy so it’s makes sense my writing would portray some sense of that. Always wonderful to hear your thoughts, thank you.


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