in air 

maybe it comes when you’re sifting brusselsprouts 

in hot oil

with no particular thing 

in mind

a sting

that fills

and empties 

a sigh of sorts 

this waft of smoke 

that fills your 

tired eyes 

it was here 

in this place 

and then it was not 

and you were not

– sheila c  

12 thoughts on “in air 

  1. Brusselsprouts and the thought of lost love … A nice contrast. And true in that the ordinary brings to mind the extraordinary. I knew an ex-Nam GI who told me of his senses, which often triggered halucinations of being at war: a breeze, an aroma, a sound, the beat of the sun. And he was transported from a benign sensation into the pit of hell. They are powerful things, these minds of ours.

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    1. It’s so interesting that you’d bring up PTSD because I’ve always felt like some relationship can end and leave you with a mild sense of stress disorder.. triggered by grief and memories. Indeed the mind is extraordinary.


    2. Hi Skip! I went to respond to your last comment about my probable future and I deleted by mistake.. it gave me a hardy laugh, haha. thank you. I’m a dramatic writer, not all is as bad as it seems. 🙂


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