i miss the ocean

in a hallway

with a taupe lined


a truly 


awful carpet,

there is the last bit

of my strained 


i have carried all

i can

but your exasperated 


is heavy.

my arms are tired..

and if resentment

is indeed

a seed of sorts

even death valley

has seen it’s bloom

a super bloom,

in fact.

i can’t measure 

the distance


but i know it’s far

further than i am willing 

to go

or honestly,

am even able.

it was meant to be


and sweet

yet here i am

embittered shell,



– sheila c


6 thoughts on “i miss the ocean

  1. Thanks for the recent Like! I love your poetry, it’s so passionate and real, plus the words you use are amazing. Anytime you like my posts, I think I must be doing something right! Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

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