decidedly, there’s a peak & steep fall. 

some THING that gathers in a pool 

at the edge of memory 

not quite lapse 

not quite thought 

more subtle..

imagine dried luminol

in the foyer 

after failing at coexistence. 

imagine ghost limbs 

in the summer 

while you try to get on. 

– Sheila C 

3 thoughts on “luminol 

  1. Had to look up luminol. CSI stuff. A very interesting view of the murder of a relationship, which, I think, is how most end. Though over time. Slowly. The actual parting seems sudden, but it is predictable. The motives adding up. I like and I dislike this poem. Like it for its accuracy. Dislike it for the same reason. It is a painful thing.

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    1. Oh goodness, it took too long for me to come back here.. It’s been a whirlwind month. I appreciate your thoughts on this. It’s painful for me as well.. Even rereading it. I’m glad we can share the pain. 🙂


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