I will wait 

on the last steps 

where the light reaches,

just so. 

just until the somnambulism passes 

and my weariness lets go. 

– sc 

29 thoughts on “somnambulism

  1. Beautiful … real … evoking …
    And it seems to want a different title than untitled, just for WordPress and co.
    Following skipmars attempt,
    a title: On the last steps where the light reaches just so, I wait until my change comes: the awakening from the somnambulism and end of weariness ….
    Its almost as long as poem ๐Ÿ™‚ Reminded now that titles sometimes take time to form.

    You’re the painter, and no one know your painting like you do.
    We, we stare and look and see and realise and appreciate.
    Well done

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your comments! And I think you and Skip were right about the title, I went with Somnambulism because I think it suits the theme I wanted to portray. I like long titles normally but this poem is so short, I wanted to give it, it’s due. Thanks again! :)))

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    1. Hi Christian! You’re welcome! You know I think I only knew this word because it’s used in Spanish a lot.. “sonambulismo”. we use it as a sort of metaphor for someone who’s restless in their life. I love odd and infrequently used words for poems. The nightmare disorder.. Could it be night terrors i. e. sleep paralysis?

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      1. According to the mayo clinic site [] nightmare disorder and night terrors associated with sleep paralysis appear to be different but closely related disorders. I’d be tempted to say they could be the same disorder and rather that sleep paralysis is a symptom not often experienced.

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      1. Sad to hear you’ve experienced difficult times. I am so happy to see you have started writing again. I hope you can seek comfort in this: You really are one of the best writers of wordpress. In the challenging times in my life, writing helped me survive.
        Wishing you all the best. Better days are coming.

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