I was born writhing,

exploded from a cocoon.

I must have seen my future 

reflected in primordial goo.

expectations were low 

but brown and stubborn,

I dragged across the room 

to shudder quietly 

as painful flutters 



– sc 

32 thoughts on “chrysalis 

      1. Are you into any forms of visual arts? I’ve started a challenge on my blog asking people to send in their best artwork. But I don’t know if you do anything other than the (great!) poetry 🙂

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          1. It ends on the 24th of December, so lots of time if you think about taking up the drawing again! 😉 Anyhow, great writing, keep that up, and thanks for your kind reply 🙂

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  1. I was embedded with inscriptions of the scribes, enraged with the silence of the pain of the ones who said the most, and never heard. the words of the words of those ones who are now ghost, I was embedded and wedded with the perfect mate my hands paved across the sheets bleeding the words of every soul I would meet wrapped in this cocoon until the time is meet that I beautify the art of poetry “this was motivated by your work thank you”

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