at least

at least I know 

that some day-

maybe tomorrow,

when I’m standing 

in line at the bank 

or in my car 

headed home

frustrated at gridlock 

counting black car tops 

and cursing idiot drivers

atleast I know 

that if a clot

makes it way 

up my right arm 

at just the right moment 

when my blood pumps just so 

amidst bobbing and weaving 

and reading traffic signs 

in blurred snow

at least I know

that when the pain 

bears down 

and the shock comes 

and goes 

at least I know 

it’ll be your voice 

and your grip 

in the throes

as the neurons stop firing 

and the hallucinations take hold 

at least I know 

it’ll be with you,


that I’ll leave a part 

and the whole 

of my soul. 

– sc

29 thoughts on “at least

      1. A very nice juxtapositioning of the everday mundane frustrations of life with the sudden and (also mundane) ending of it. Not a clog but a clot is what you want to use here. Did you already edit since I read it? That was the only change.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Dear Sheila,
    Thanks for stop over and liking my work, and because of such nice gesture I got to know that there is such nice and beautiful blog like yours is available.
    I like your writing style, your work is really worth to appreciate and follow.
    Keep blogging and keep enriching blogger community by your unique ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Those are some of the kindest words anyone has written to me in the blogger community. I really appreciate it.. It motivates me to keep sharing. Thanks a lot, Abhishek. 🙂


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