in the laundry room 

I thought of the silence after a sentence and the echo of a moved out house. 

I thought of the jarring crash of glass against glass and the froth on the beach in autumn wind. 

I thought of icy tiles at 3 AM after too much gin and the clacking of keys until the sun seeped in. 

I thought of what was 



of what could’ve been. 

– sc 

13 thoughts on “in the laundry room 

  1. And the older one gets . . . Honest writing as a ward against insanity is the best writing. When I peruse the lollipop lines of the “esoterics” I want to rid my stomach of what I have just digested — if you get my gist. Yours tends to make it through the whole system and sit there while I mull it over. I could use an analogy of passing gas, but it might not make sense and offend, so I won’t. 🙂

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