ceiling fan.

cement driveway.

stone floor.

beige carpet.

mobile phone.

missed sunset.


white lining. 

– sc

11 thoughts on “epilogue 

  1. Do all muddle through life so lethargically? Eyes staring at the ceiling or at the floor? Shuffling from one drab room to another? I liked the play on the mobile phone and the missed sunsets. I suppose we should all have that app, only it should include other wonders as well. Dead at 80. I should live so long! Your obscurity is a challenge. But it reminds me of the film, “About Schmidt,” with Jack Nicholson in the lead role. I suppose there are thousands … dare I say, MILLIONS, out there whose reality is Facebook. Ugh.

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    1. Hahaha I somehow felt that you’d be annoyed with this one for some reason. I think it’s just my greatest fear and when I wrote it down, it was a reminder to not let it happen like this, to never settle for the monotony that gets pushed upon us sometimes.


  2. Not annoyed, per se. If you are a crossword puzzle geek like I am, you know that Thursdays the puzzles are more complex and obscure. While this is not a Thursday poem, it’s close. It’s always interesting to read others reactions to your poems, as well.

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  3. Have you considered writing list poems? This reminds me of that style of poetry, which is one of my favorite to write. I love that this poem lets me create meanings from each image, but also a bigger picture at the end or let me pair them as I choose.

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