in the not so distant future

I will think

“knowing there is you 

out there 

that is the beautiful tragedy of my life. ”

I will swallow hard 

and leave a good tip

I’ll swing my purse around my shoulder 

and continue. 

burdened by freedom. 

– sc 

14 thoughts on “in the not so distant future

  1. I really like this: to me it conjures the image of a woman weighing life choices and then with good grace and some humour, making her peace with them and moving into her future.

    I see a positive image – and that in itself is a rarity in poetry circles.

    So hurrah, treat yourself to a sticky star on me, or something…

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    1. Haha, it’s definitely bittersweet but there is a sense of moving forward. Thank you for the sticky star, I couldn’t find one so I had some champagne instead. That’s kind of like a sticky star, I guess.

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