a circle 

I know you’re hesitant, lost in quiet logic. I know you play out our conversations in a loop. I hear the echoes too. They haunt me when I’m trying to sleep. It’s really kind of a drag at 3 AM.

Objectively, however, after I’ve mulled over our discussions like a glass of reserve wine. I always come to the same conclusion. 

A circle. 

I’ll explain.. 

I feel as though we were two lines in a vast space running paralell & somewhere along the way our lines got close enough to graze. The force being greater than us- drew closer with every passing day, until the edges intertwined and curved towards the other. Connected, the lines formed a circle. 

Do you understand now? 

That is our story. 

The story of completion in black disarray. 

– sc 

9 thoughts on “a circle 

  1. You have such beautiful imagery in your writing. I always feel that I’m walking along the path of the words when I read your stories. Joining in on the heels of the journey. I love that about your work. Thank you, and I hope you will keep sharing. 😊🌟

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