in the middle of summer

silence echoes,

i’m convinced.

i toggle the clasp

and continue

flushed with heat.

i take in the air

it still smells like

oregano, cumin

& lemons, i think.

you had nothing

to do with the decor

though it feels

lived in,

lived in so well.

i pick up the last shirt

“i hate this shirt”

i say.

I left it on the suede

next to your dinner

I never intended to

serve any comfort.


9 thoughts on “in the middle of summer

  1. Read it again. I’ve changed my mind….
    I love it! It makes me feel good. : )
    And as we discussed before, I, as you, am pretty picky about my poetry.
    Oregano, cumin, and lemons I think…

    Liked by 1 person

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