it wasn’t the depth

or surreal hue

it was the way

the first time

they met mine

my circadian rythm


the sudden pause

“this is it”

and in calm unison

thrust forward again

i could live there

in that day

i wanted to


– sc

11 thoughts on “pause

  1. My dad’s favorite song was from Rogers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific,” Some Enchanted Evening. The lyrics describe meeting a stranger across a crowded room. The eyes meet, and each pair sees nothing or no one else. There’s a black and white photo taken at Halloween at a student gathering at the University of Minnesota. My mother was seated with her date in an auditorium, and both were dressed for the night. My dad sat three or four rows back and off to one side, and he was dressed in a cowboy outfit. He had not met my mother, but in that crowded room he met her. The story goes that his roommate was dating my mother’s roommate, and had tried long and hard to set up a blind date with mom. Dad kept refusing. He grabbed a copy of the University Press newspaper, which featured a photo of my mom on the front page. “Now THAT’s the girl I’d like to date!” His roommate replied, “Larry, that’s my girlfriend’s roommate Milly — the gal I’ve been trying to set you up with!”

    Within a year they were married.

    When Dad died of complications due to surgery, Mom sat quietly at the foot of his bed. He had been basically comatose for several weeks. She suffered from Alzheimer’s. On the night he died we were playing the soundtrack from “South Pacific.” As Some Enchanted Evening began to play, my dad breathed his last.

    I’m sure he would understand and appreciate your lines:

    it wasn’t the depth
    or surreal palm hue
    it was the way
    the first time
    they met mine

    Bravo. Well writ.

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