an observation 

“for most of modern history, subliminal theorists have pondered over what would be the control device successfully created to fully trap us in our minds.”

I read this on a forum at 3 AM on my laptop right before I checked Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, my email, my text messages, the news and Tumblr. 

I closed my laptop because the charge was running low and picked up my phone. The only light in my house was the glowing orb in my palm. I quickly refreshed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, my email, my text messages, the news and Tumblr.

– sc 

9 thoughts on “an observation 

  1. haha this is good. short, succinct, and captures the moment of entrapment perfectly. how many times have i walked around my flat with the same “glowing orb” in my palm? too many to count. thanks for flagging it.

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  2. Pretty sad commentary on people kind, eh?? But on the other hand we all have the choice and everything in our personal life is based on the choices we make from moment to moment. The most important feature of good choices is “awakedness and awareness” but it is hard to stay in that state 24/7 and hence “automaticlyness” takes over!! We must always fight to stay awake and be human!!

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  3. Definitely picked up what you were putting down. The amusing part to me is individually the things that entrap us is not necessarily object, perhaps its a deeper rooted connection to how we impose ourselves in these objects such as Facebook twitter, instagram, wordpress, all of these these things we are in control or are made to believe we are in control of what we are viewing and how we feel about them. Great thoughts came from reading this post as usual, thanks for sharing. I wonder if I made any kind of sense.

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