i have been restless lately,
sleepless over thought.
i figured out time is our killer
and i have too many clocks.
with the incessant passing
of these lethargic days
i had hoped for more revelation
than what is found amidst drought
but desperation is a genius
and ive dug out water drops.
i am sorry for all the seasons
that will pass with us in mind.
i promise to remember
and to keep warm faded fuzz.
i am already longing.
we are already gone.

– sc

15 thoughts on “faded 

  1. As was once in a song: words, time and opportunity.. you never get them back. Priceless- the subject matter, the medium, and the piece itself. Great work of art

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  2. Very beautiful poem. I loved the ending lines ‘i am already longing.
    we already gone.’
    Thank you for following my blog. I’m following yours so I can read more of your poetry 🙂

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  3. Thanks for following my blog! So glad you did! Just have to say …you are a kick ass poet! Sorry, couldn’t say it any other way! I am a picky poet…I like your style. Look forward to continuing on the journey through your site…
    Lotsa love,
    Suzanne at learningtocry.wordpress.com

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