past an elaborately carved alabaster door

at the end of a gilded westmost corridor 

next to draped yellow chrysanthemums 

(that sit stoicly on a marble column) 

there is a set of bound burgundy tomes.

they are thickened with age and dust-

and inside of them is everything

everything we know 

everything we have known 

and everything we will know.  

they are the eyes, the ears, the voice,

and the word.

my fear I think, 

comes with wondering

who were the men who wrote they knew nothing,

until they wrote they knew everything of the world? 

– sc 

10 thoughts on “tomes

  1. so very philosophical….and disconcerting as all philosophical questions are.
    I wonder what is your idea of ‘these men’ who knew nothing before they new everything, and were they aware of their ignorance, worse still are they us (mankind in general) before we know everything?
    I only say they are us because i feel once a man knows everything they are no longer man per se and because to be human is to be in constant pursuit of more knowledge so if you know everything…you mustn’t be a man.
    This is awesome SS, I really enjoyed it.Great work

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  2. To go from thinking one knows nothing to thinking one knows everything. That’s quite an arrogant leap, isn’t it. Many people are that way. Others go the other direction, learning every day how little they know and much there is to learn, especially about kindness and forgiveness.

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