if I’m the effect of chaos and in turn, chaos is the effect of my actions..

could I then argue that chaos is a self sustaining entity and I am its self evolving product? 

and could I go further still and note that this applies to all of us without exception? 

could we handle that, I wonder? 

could we live knowing we’re the pawns of energy? 

but, wait- 



10 thoughts on “oh. 

  1. Entropy is the tendency to move towards chaos and destruction. Looking at the history of humankind, I suppose you very well could come to the poem’s conclusion. In my mind, that tendency is led by the few, and like a dollop of water, or grease, or blood — the directional movement is caused by a few, while the vast mass follows along slowly, and a tail-end few rail against the tide. I guess the question is which are we? Nice write.

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  2. Interesting philosophy. Is chaos truly the effect of our actions, though? I suppose it would have to depend on your definition of “chaos.” (Not arguing, just wondering.) Seems like a delicious thought circle I’ll have to try myself sometime. Thanks for sharing.

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