and our beauty
it lies in our ability to create.
we thrive in spontaneity
because in our depths
we are aware.
we know.
we are not forever.
we are not eternal.
we are now and now will end.
even the lucky ones,
we will not expire and suddenly cease to be but rather we will slowly flounder-
begin to weaken like injured knees.
no, we do not disappear.
we plainly die
and thusly we are bound to mourn
until we are mourned as well.


12 thoughts on “6/4/15

  1. Beautifully written, you have a magical way with written word…

    Too die,
    really isn’t
    a harmonic sweet
    in the sky.

    for those few.
    not all!

    As i dry
    those tears
    my harden eyes..

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  2. That “now will end” awareness stopped my beauty-making for a time. Thank you for stopping by my new creative space. Your poetry is a gift. I have a grateful heart.

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