there’s no room for anything else

the sound comes in waves.
it’s kind of erratic at first
but it sinks in,
it settles in place.
where it’s always been.
where it’s meant to be.
i like to smooth it out-
to feel it brush against the fibers
of my being.
the white space is soaked in its existence.
i prefer it that way.
i will always prefer it that way.

– sc

10 thoughts on “there’s no room for anything else

  1. I think of many types of sounds from this: breathing of a person next to me, the ocean waves on the shore, distant and muted sounds of children playing — and my damn tinnitus! One observation … are you avoiding the possessive form of it’s (it is, it has, etc.) for a reason? ee cummings would be proud, by the way.

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    1. Haha, wow…. ee cummings.. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you, really. That means a lot.

      To answer your question, it was around 3 AM and I was feeling lazy so I just didn’t include any proper punctuation. I fixed it!

      Haha thank you as always for your keen observations and comments. 🙂

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