i was boiling milk for coffee.
i was watching it rise slowly
like a breathing snow cap
closer to the air.
i was told to wait until the milk
reached the metal edge.
i glanced at the time,
it read 6:45 AM.
at 6:46 AM the milk overflowed.
an avalanche,
it turned to rust over stove rings.

10 thoughts on “milk

    1. lol, thanks.. I didn’t even see the humor in it until after I read it a few times. It’s interesting to hear people’s interpretations. It’s an analogy for sure.. I never write at face value. 😉 Thanks for the compliment!

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    1. hahaha, I think you’re the first person to actually understand it the way that I do. Not that there’s a wrong or right. It’s just not about milk at all.. haha.. but rather, in my eyes, about the Avalanche.. and preventing disaster by not looking away.

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