what does it feel like to die? 

I wonder, as I careen down the exit. 

the asphalt below me, tires pounding. 

I was late, again. 

the road opens a particular type of paralytic nostalgia. 

a freeze frame of what was and what could be. 

the unmistakable shake of a speeding semi breaking the wind barrier snaps me back. 

I am here for now. 

I focus on the curve as I turn the wheel slowly, 

I remain enamored by the smooth act of letting go. 


19 thoughts on “exit 

  1. I heard in some song that “there’s only one thing the dead realize, it’s better to be alive”. I wonder if that’s circumstantial. This is what your thoughts conjured in my mind.

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  2. to truly die
    you must first be truly alive

    most are already dead
    vacuum packed parcels
    boring, really
    you should never bore death
    she can be so. . . bitchy

    give death a run for her money
    you are truly alive
    when defying death

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  3. Just sublime, it’s like a mirror to my entire state last week, what!?, we should talk, if you’re up for it, I’d really want to meet a like – worded like – styled writter.

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  4. Wow! This is just amazing. I’ve been reading your poems. They are all very cool. Love your writing style. 🙂 Love these lines especially : “the road opens a particular type of paralytic nostalgia, a freeze frame of what was and what could be”

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