lavish white 

cement towers 

lie to the east,

adjacent to the ocean.

each one outfitted

with fluid balconies

where the waves

can’t yet reach. 

10 stories up 

there is a window 

with a soft light 

that flickers 

with made for tv’s,

as the rest sleep.

there is sand 

in the floorboards 

& camels in the trays.  

“you’re a good person.”

you sit & ruminate 


the window. 

going over 

your words,

in stead.


9 thoughts on “window 

  1. This is wonderful. I love how sparse it is. No word superfluous. I love how you give the telling details. All words have a use, and there isn’t anything left over, nothing there that shouldn’t be there. Every single word has a purpose. Thanks you. 🙂

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