good lord

“good lord, I’d bathe in it”
you said with sultry flow
“you know your waves are meant for it”
smiling, when you sprung my curl
“I could spit tomes on your lips alone”
muttering, you focus on my Cupid’s bow.
“..but I’d rather watch your hips when you dip and moan”
Blushing, I pursed my mouth at your tone.
“& your eyes are prophetic.
I see our life in them- raw & poetic”

good lord but
the light came quick
I sighed myself
into a wisp
wrapped up in blankets
pillows strewn across the floor
phone said 5:30 AM
face was wet & hot
i was awake

and alone.


14 thoughts on “good lord

  1. I loved this poem. We have all had a dream where we have fallen in love with a stranger, only to awake and find them gone from our lives. In that small waking moment, the feelings of heartbreak and longing are real but soon evaporate. I’m not sure if our dreams sometimes teach us about life, to prepare us. Your poem captures this perfectly. I enjoyed it very much.

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