live long

that little dog you liked
won the Westminster Abbey
and the Cardassians are fighting
with that girl Amber
we went to High-school with..
I think she made a porn tape.
she might’ve fucked the the last one
right on this marble counter.
I know I did.
I broke a damn nail
digging into the stone.
phewww BUT the fruits of our labor!
though when I tap now it’s uneven.
you know, tap, tap, thunk, tap
a lack of symmetry in sound waves
is almost as bad
as this sludge in our lungs.
it’s all the smoke you know
we practically blow it out
of every orifice.
I mean, do hear the muffled guffaws?
man, cause my eardrums are swelling.
soon we’ll all clock into
work via facebook.
can you imagine?

– SC

13 thoughts on “live long

  1. Just putting everything out there lol, so many layers addressed in this piece. Are we really that bad, and no I cant imagine clocking into work through facebook.


      1. I feel like with all the social media sharing every ounce of life with everyone everything is just displayed for someone to feel some type of way about it, and I kinda saw that aspect in your poem. Tried to fit that comment in.

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  2. My favorite line: I think she made a porn tape.

    I love when poetry includes sentences or phrases that feel like real language. Balances well with the parts that are more “poetic”.

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