miami flies

here they come
throbbing with anticipation–
the lazy fat Miami flies.
they’ve been drowning
in puddles of vodka
& strutting along alleys.
they see the end
and they’re afraid.
in droves
they zip around you
fast talking,
low key,
high maintenance,
Ill tempered
and persistent.
they just want
to eat.
starving yet so
full of vapid rhetoric.
dragging their loneliness
in Louboutin luggage.
oily slicked back
here they come,
ready to latch on
and suck.

– Sheila Sea

46 thoughts on “miami flies

  1. I see this on several levels: the street hustlers (homeless, vagabonds, etc.), and the street hustlers (Wall Street, insurance salespeople, lawyers, preachers). Frankly, I prefer the latter as an interpretation, because people of the street — you see and know what you get. The other guys? They are just oily slick and ready to suck your blood.

    Great imagery and a wonderful metaphor. Good job.


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    1. You’re absolutely right. It’s definitely the latter.. But its also a juxtaposition between the two. I’m really glad that comes through and that you shared your interpretation, its the same as my own. πŸ™‚


  2. Wonderful imagery and careful choice of words. I love how the metaphor works throughout! This is clearly a well thought-out piece of work! Only after reading this poem did I realize that you’ve put the tag ‘dating’! It really made me rethink the whole poem! Shows the depths poetry can reach! Kudos to you for that.
    And finally, I found out someone who uses the same theme as I do! YAY! High-five!

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    1. Thank you! It’s actually about my experience being single in Miami.. and the type of men you come across (for the most part). It’s my own social commentary about the culture here, as a whole, as well. I’m glad you felt the layers come through, thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

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