listless islands

he lives on listless islands
and I,
on granite ocean shores.

and he can see me.
I can tell,
when he mucks up
his mountains
and awaits
the morning swell

I am his
open mouthed fear
and he–
my impervious chasm.

so they tell me
“find your own
isle to dwell”
I think I’ve left my coat
on his filthy wooden floor.

– Sheila Sea

49 thoughts on “listless islands

  1. Hi Sheila,

    How are you? I’ve been reading your poems and they’re great…. Any tips on writing (I’m trying to write differently and explore more themes).

    Kind regards,


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    1. Hi, thank you. 🙂 Tips? Ya know, I’m not sure I’m secure enough myself in my writing to give tips but I’ll tell you what my grandfather said to me before he passed; he said “don’t worry about the way it sounds. just worry about the honesty in your words”. A lot of people have actually given me this advice in different ways and it really works.. I hope that helps.

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  2. envy is the color
    of jackets in the dust
    dragged across islands
    the way eyeballs read

    how so it is
    to want so needy
    a thing

    just to throw
    words like breathe
    in cold air
    left to hang there
    on crystalline mist

    do please
    get an island
    and refuse to share

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    1. haha, it’s not about a love/hate relationship. It’s about unrequited love. It’s about loving someone who will never love you but might keep you around for comfort/sex/company etc. I mean that’s my interpretation so perhaps yours is that of a love/hate relationship.


  3. There is melody and flow to your poetry that seduces. It’s difficult not to get drawn into each picture moment, each intimate conversation, without feeling in a way like an intruder, or a voyeur. Thanks for revealing these wonderfully crafted thoughts.

    Curious. Do you labor them? Or do you uncork the bottle and let them flow?

    Thanks for dropping by my studio and for opting to follow my work, as well.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. It’s exciting to hear that you were drawn in..

      Mmm to answer your question, no I don’t labor them. I uncork them as you eloquently put it. Of course I change things around for comprehension purposes but for the most part, it all kinda flows.


  4. I wondered about the laboring or the uncorking too. Skipmars described the effect of your poetry well. I secretly hoped you labored, so I might labor too, but it’s a tribute to your talent that these words flow easily from you, like magic, I imagine. Thank you for following, “Anything is Possible,” so I could find you and enjoy your poetry, and maybe learn.

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