lust most subtle

in the words of lust most subtle
you are what remains
when all tarnish is stripped.
I watch, content
the flecks of sanded rust
snow down
as rashly skirted secrets often do.
I am covered as I covet
every atom of dust
that breathes through you.

– Sheila Sea

37 thoughts on “lust most subtle

        1. Haha. Thank you. Yes, I completely agree.. I’ve been writing for a long time, I wrote terrible pre-teen poetry, then terrible teen poetry, then terrible young adult poetry, and now not-so-bad adult poetry, lol. I suppose I’ve been writing for most of my life but I never published anything until this year. I think experience and evolution is a large part of being a good writer. My hope is continue that process because I just love to write regardless of what happens or how it’s received by people (although everyone has been gracious and supportive).

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          1. Congratulations on publication. I know it feels great. I’ve been published, but not poetry yet. I’m working on it. ^_^ I’d love to exchange poetry with you for workshop if you’re interested.

            Have you explored other creative writing forms?

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  1. Wonderful. I love the contrast of subtle lust (at least I’m not sured to thinking of it that way ;)); the gritty texture of sanded rust and the danger in rashly skirted secrets; and contrast again in breathing through dust–which, having allergies, feels uncomfortable to me, but plays up the depth of the narrator’s passion.

    Thanks for following my blog, too 🙂 !

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    1. Thank you so much! You’re very close with the contrast, yes, absolutely.. I’m sure everyone will interpret it their own way. Haha, I’m not allergic to dust so my thoughts were different in writing the line but thats the funny thing about writing.


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