a washed up locomotive
on a shore with no name
he enlisted my assistance
in pulling him to the grave
“I tried my best to see you off,
I lifted up my skirt
as high it would go.”
but the waves fought every inch
and the slow mourn like molasses
began to drag me down as well
I was
a washed up locomotive
on a shore with no name
searching for assistance
and an unmarked grave

– Sheila Sea

38 thoughts on “molasses

          1. well I’m no expert, but I can tell you that the ‘enlisting…assistance’ does what the next one talks about which is pull or hooks attention. Now I’m getting a new start for a new day I came to this reply box and glanced again at Molasses, and saw it like I’d never read it but again got drawn in, I’d say, saying not as an expert but just someone who enjoys the learning, because of the twists and hooks in the rhythm.

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    1. I like your poetry. I’m unsure of the message you’re relaying by leaving this post in particular as a comment but I enjoyed it, either way. Thanks for taking the time to read my writing.. oh, and thanks for follows & the likes. 😉

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