ode to a lover on 12/13/14

I saw you at the edge of the yard
outstretched and pulling
from the just-moist soil.
the sun in my eyes
was a small price
to watch your figure
curve & sway.

and my goodness,
is there anything lovelier
than your sweat drenched brow?

I could watch the droplets caress
your jaw for the rest of my days.
I could cease to exist
in the crook of your shoulder
& the crease of your mouth
which incidentally
hints at your being molded
from fresh clay.

as such,
I know this will not last ..
so I will memorize your gaze
and as we are lost to the dark
I will cling to this loving haze
and universe willing, as the worlds
implode around me
I will sense-
even a flicker
of your once lived
luminous & sun soaked

– Sheila Sea

37 thoughts on “ode to a lover on 12/13/14

  1. What an intensely sensual, vibrant poem! As I’ve traveled through the years I learn more and more that the wonderful feelings mother nature tickles us with during courtship have nothing to do with love. Although when I was young and guilty of believing it myself, I find so many young poets today interfusing the two as though they were the same. They’re not. Love is only born through the waning of those magical feelings you described so beautifully above. And frankly I’m not entirely certain that love itself is a feeling at all, but much more of an entity itself – to be nurtured and taken care of – such as a puppy. Love is not a feeling – but rather a protector of our feelings. It is the initiator, the driving force behind our actions to protect our feelings. If I could impart anything to other young poets it would be to never confuse the two – and always understand that sexual attraction is the greater emotional part between them. (As your lovely poem absolutely proves.) Thank you for not destroying it with the concept of love –

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