there’s the question of reluctance, no?
when that comes into play?

I heard the pier was tearing itself apart, remembering us.

is it true, you think?
that places hold us, the way we hold them? 

we were 
too much 

too soon

and then
nothing at all.

-Sheila Sea

7 thoughts on “pier

      1. Oh yay! hah bonus. I honestly just love the way you compose these poems. It is something I have yet to learn. You write so honestly and that is so refreshing. Love them all.

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  1. Like this one a lot, just been playing stereophonics ‘Local Boy in The Photograph” and the mention of the pier drew me to this, the flow is just right and the mood suits me for now.
    Wish i could write better short poems (or anything tbh lol) instead of rambling on for a few weeks just because i made a word rhyme lol 😉

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